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Walking toppers for Rise Up Now

In the blistering heat of Portugal, where temperatures easily exceed 30 degrees, our friends Susse and James performed an impressive feat during the month of May. With only their backpacks on their shoulders, they braved more than 300 kilometers, with the goal of raising money for our Rise Up Now program.

Susse and James shared their challenges, “It’s very hot in Portugal, over 30 degrees. There is a challenge because it is so remote that there are hardly any places where we can get water or food. We are already hiking with our own luggage and then to also carry enough water and food for the whole day is almost impossible, especially with this heat.”

Despite these challenges, they managed to raise a wonderful €2,163 during their adventure. An amount that is not only impressive, but also very important for our work.

But Susse and James are not alone in their determination to make a difference. Geertje and Lien also embraced the challenge of walking, participating in the Nijmegen Four-Day Walk. For them, this is their third time taking on this event, and it is clear that their love of hiking continues to drive them.

“We are Geertje and Lien and are running this year for the Rise Up Now Foundation. This will be our 3rd time walking the Nijmegen Marches and we have become quite addicted to walking. During the first Four Days Marches, we met Linda, co-founder of this foundation.”

Geertje and Lien did not disappoint in their efforts either. They raised a wonderful amount of €585, helping to make our mission a reality.

The determination and support of these amazing people, from the distant trails of the Algarve to the challenging Nijmegen Four-Day Walk, inspire us greatly. We are very proud of Susse, James, Geertje and Lien, and we are incredibly grateful for their commitment and contribution to creating a better future for the children in Kenya!

Would you also like to contribute to Rise Up Now? You can! You can set up your own action, like the walkers in this post, or you can donate directly. One-time or by becoming a friend of Rise Up Now!