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Stronger in life .

Rise Up Now's trainings are aimed at making children stronger and more confident. This allows them to stand up for themselves in an appropriate manner without using aggression and violence.
Cognitive learning theory is central. This means that what children feel and how they behave is determined by what they think. Through this way of training, we want to help children replace negative core beliefs with positive thoughts so they can stand up for themselves in a healthy way.
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The trainings consist of preventive, school-wide lesson plans aimed at increasing the social-emotional resilience and self-efficacy of all students. The program was developed in cooperation with Our teams are trained locally by a trainer from They are also supported online every two months.

Custom .

We deliver the training with materials that we have developed further. For the children in Kenya, we have adapted both the text and the drawings to their language, culture, beliefs and customs. In this we were helped by a Dutch anthropologist and a Kenyan educator. Renowned Kenyan illustrator Stanislaus Issa Olondecreated the illustrations. It is a curriculum that can serve as a basis for the future to help children in other countries on the continent of Africa.

How we achieve this :


Strengthening resilient attitudes

The children learn how to exude confidence through body language and voice.


Strengthening positive thinking and self-confidence

The children learn to appreciate their own qualities and those of others and assign positive attributes.


Strengthening skills in resilience

The children learn how to stand up for themselves, how to say no in a firm way and how to set boundaries.


Strengthening emotion regulation

The children learn the difference between healthy and unhealthy tension and are given tools to relax.


Strengthening social skills

The children learn how to work together and solve problems.


In short

In short: a strong and resilient generation!

Do you help ?

Together with our team, we aim to provide a better future for 10,000 children in Kenya in the coming year. For only €10 you can have a child follow the program and give them a better future. Do you also want to be the bright spot in a child's life? Then donate now!

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