Tax benefit

Tax deductible .

Only donations to organizations with ANBI status are deductible but only if you donate more than one percent of your income annually. As a result, many donors end up not being able to deduct anything anyway. That changes if you have your donation recorded in an agreement for at least 5 years. In that case, your donations are fully deductible, with no minimum or maximum amount. Note; this is based on Dutch tax law. So check carefully what rules apply if you live in another country.

Anbi status .

Of course, we have ANBI status so you can be sure that your donations are going to the right place. In addition, this ensures that your donations are tax deductible in full. To comply with regulations, we publish our financial statements each year.

As a board, we pay our own travel and accommodation expenses. This allows us to spend as much as 98% of your donation on the children.

Becoming a friend is also possible .

If you want to contribute structurally to improving opportunities for children in Kenya become a friend of Rise Up Now. A proven program carried by a professional team.

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