Resilience Training

Resilience Training .

Children who are strong and stand firm in life are more able to hold their own, set boundaries, treat each other respectfully and take their own initiatives. These are important conditions for learning as well as developing social-emotional skills on the other.
With Rise Up Now's trainings, we focus on 5 areas:










The result :

Introduction .

To show the children what it is all about, our teams first give an introductory lesson. A theater group reenacts all kinds of situations the children may find themselves in. This way we make very concrete what the training is about and what the difference is when you think and act differently.
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We reach 250 children a week.
To make this happen, 3 teams provide Rise Up Now training to children in schools in Kenya. We visit 1 to 2 schools each day, depending on the, sometimes long, distance to be traveled. This way we can teach 8 to 10 classes weekly. That is, depending on the class, about 250 children a week in whom we make a difference in their lives!

Do you help ?

Together with our team, we aim to provide a better future for 10,000 children in Kenya in the coming year. For only €10 you can have a child follow the program and give them a better future. Do you also want to be the bright spot in a child's life? Then donate now!

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