Privacy Statement

Privacy statement .

This file sets out how the Kenya Child Care Foundation and Rise Up Now handle the personal data entrusted to it, with which agencies the data is shared and why, and the consent of data subjects for this purpose. Also included in this file is the foundation's privacy statement, and how the privacy statement is brought to the attention of all who deal with the foundation.

  1. The personal data provided by the donor will be entered into a file by the Foundation.
  2. The donor grants, by providing the donation, permission to the foundation to use the personal data for sending information about the donation and a thank you note to the donor himself and for providing the personal data to third parties for the purpose of sending this information (e.g. Mailchimp).
  3. The donor is permitted at any time to object, free of charge, in writing or by e-mail, to the sending of information (e.g., the newsletter) by the Foundation or to the provision of personal data, whereupon the Foundation will discontinue such sending or provision, respectively.
  4. The Foundation will not disclose the donor’s personal information, other than on the website named name and amount of donation.
  5. The donor has the option of providing a donation anonymously.

The Kenya Child Care Foundation and Rise Up Now use the following systems for the capture of personal data:

  • Newsletter via Mailchimp. The spreadsheet donor data is managed at Mailchimp and also is on file by the foundation. Mailchimp requests the following information: first name, last name, e-mail address, gender, physical address/phone number, date added and date changed.
  • Donations through nl should be considered a data controller within the meaning of European privacy legislation. has the power to determine the purposes and means of processing data, which it needs for the performance of its offered services. In doing so, decides on the (other) uses of consumer data and our own terms and conditions apply to consumers. In practice, actually processes this data for its own purposes. determines the purpose and means of such processing independently of its customers.

Based on the activities that carries out and the services it offers, both to its customers and to consumers, qualifies as a data controller under Article 4(7) AVG.

This means that is not considered a processor and a processor agreement between and its customers is not necessary. In addition, donor data is only shared with a charity (in which case it also becomes the main responsible party with regard to this data) if the donor has indicated that may share his/her name and address with the charity in question.

  • Direct debits go through Triodos Bank. They manage donor records and also these are also stored by the foundation in a file. The following data are retained:
  • Donor name
  • Donor Address
  • Donor zip code
  • Payment period: (for example 4: once per quarter, 12: per month 1: per year)
  • Committed amount of donor
  • Payment method: (e.g., giro, direct debit authorization)
  • Bank number / IBAN / BIC
  • We thank by mail if the email address is available or we send a pre-printed postcard from our foundation by mail or by phone (whatsapp) if the phone number is known.

The treasurer backs up the systems every month. The backup is on a separate disk that he keeps in a lockable drawer.

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