Our work

The genesis .

Rise Up Now is an active program full of challenges and fun for elementary school children in Kenya. We teach each child to strengthen self-confidence and develop social skills through play. With these tools, they will face a resilient future.

Our vision.
A generation full of resilient children who will face their future resiliently and be more stable in life so that they do not find themselves in threatening situations.

Our mission .

Through the Rise Up Now program, we aim to teach 10,000 children a year in Kenya to strengthen their self-confidence and develop social skills through play.

In the coming years, Rise Up Now will focus on elementary school children in the Kilifi region of Kenya where Kenya Child Care's rescue center is also located. The trainers at the various schools give the children 8 training lessons and provide them with homework. Teachers are only spectators in this. Once the program is made their own in the schools, the Rise Up Now foundation plans to contact the Ministry of Education in Nairobi to add the program as a regular lesson in all schools.

We could not do this without our wonderful trainers.
Our trainers are all experts by experience. They live the program and know exactly what the children experienced. This makes them a great inspiration and example for the children.

Our values .

We do our work from five core values,
this is what drives us and what we stand for.


Connection - In connection with our donors, we can really make an impact. We want to do it together. This way we can mean more to the children and achieve better results. But also connection between the children themselves which makes them treat each other with more respect.


Perspective - We want to give the children perspective for their future. By positively changing the perspective of 1 person, the perspective of the people around it automatically changes. It's like an oil spill. And you pass it on to the next generation. They we create generations of resilient children.


integrity - We work with children and some of them have been through a lot. That they can trust us is therefore enormously important. This makes them more resilient. We also feel it is important to our donors to give openness and prove that we are reliable when it comes to finances, collaborations and our team.


Results - We set clear goals each year. This way we can measure the result and see what successes we have achieved.


Quality - We stand for quality. That's why we partner with Bikkels.com. They developed a high-quality program that allows us to really make a difference with the children. Our team is assembled with care. They work with a lot of passion, are tremendously driven and want the best for the children. Children deserve the best, which is why quality is important. You can see this in the structure of the program and how the organization is set up.

Our team .

we couldn't do this without our great trainers.

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