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New images by Hugo.

Photographer and videographer Hugo (center in photo) accompanied us to Kenya in March. He had traveled to shoot new images for Kenya Child Care and Rise Up Now. And wow, how happy we are with the results! Hugo talks about his journey:

“Rise Up now made a big impression on me. First of all, it was of course fantastic to travel through Kenya and see real life in Kenya and get to know different schools. But what impressed me most was the passion with which the employees of Rise Up Now connect with the children out of personal motivation and are able to make a real difference by taking the children into a real story and to see with my own eyes how the children brighten up and shine with self-confidence. How 1 person can hold the attention of a group of 60 to sometimes hundreds of children, touch the individual and create impact was incredible. So capturing on photo and film this process and the children in class inside the building or outside in the schoolyard was a treat.”