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From textbooks to a private office

In July 2022, 5,000 Rise Up Now Flourish textbooks were printed through Balmedia. These books were meant to be used in our program. In August of the same year, the books were shipped from the port of Rotterdam, bound for the port of Mombasa. However, due to bureaucracy and complicated rules surrounding the elections in Kenya, the delivery of the books did not go as smoothly as expected.

After months of waiting and setbacks, the books have finally arrived! Our three teams immediately started using the books and are excited to get started with the program.


Our own office

However, this is not the only good news we have to share. With eight employees now on staff, it was time for Rise Up Now to have its own office. Fortunately, the site where Kenya Child Care’s rescue center is located offered ample space. However, a wall had to be built and money was needed to make it all happen.

In December, we received a visit from an anonymous sponsor who was very enthusiastic about our program. They offered us the opportunity to apply for financial support, and this application has now been granted! Immediately we got to work and the wall is now complete, as shown in the photo below. In April, the foundation was laid for the office building. We are happy to keep you informed of progress and will share regular updates.

The success of Rise Up Now, from getting the textbooks to building our own office, is a result of determination, perseverance and the support of our supporters. We are incredibly grateful for everyone who has helped us and look forward to the next steps in our adventure to support children and help them flourish. Keep following us for more news and developments!

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