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Expanding our team.

Since the start of the new school year in Kenya, we can welcome two new trainers to our team: Aisha Salim and Rose Wavua Mwacharo. They successfully completed the training and are now fully incorporated into the team. Both ladies are very motivated and passionate!

And as you could read in our last newsletter, we were still looking for a treasurer. And we found it! Roy, our treasurer at Kenya Child Care, is now also part of the Rise Up Now board. He is happy to introduce himself to you:

“I am Roy Dreuning and I would describe myself as social, reliable, open-minded, dedicated and caring. Humor and treating others with respect are aspects I find important in life.

I have been involved with this wonderful foundation since May 2023. From the first contact with Marije and Linda, I immediately felt their commitment and passion for Kenya and the children there. I have volunteered my financial knowledge in the past, but from day one this felt different. After reading the impressive and also heartbreaking stories on the website and meeting William, my enthusiasm for both foundations only increased.

So I am very honored to recently be able to call myself treasurer and support the ladies in running Kenya Child Care and Rise Up Now. I promise to dedicate myself to both foundations with as much passion as Marije and Linda in the years to come and who knows, maybe one day I may accompany the ladies on one of their trips to Kenya.”