Initiators: Linda and Marije

Prevention is better than cure .

"I would have loved to have had this resilience program in school myself when I was young. It is universal and therefore not explicit for Kenya where we started Rise Up Now. It is always tailored to the local situation though," says Linda Kragtwijk. She, together with Marije Eits, is the driving force behind Rise Up Now. "We give them something they can extract from for a lifetime. With this program, we work toward a child's smile on many levels. We impart enthusiasm, confidence in themselves and strength toward the future and in deeper connections with each other."

Together we can be a bright spot in the lives of children .

Marije: “Linda and I have known each other since 2005 from Guatemala where we both volunteered on different projects. The friendship born there has never left us. We have also been a close team in working together for 17 years. Moreover, we share a love for Africa and contributing to a better world. Together we want to make a difference in society. That is what drives us. So setting up a shelter for boys and girls in Kenya was a natural consequence. Just like Rise Up Now. Together we can be a bright spot in the lives of those children.”

At the same time:
“We are energized by it! Contributing actively and ourselves to the well-being and development of the children is very normal for us to do. We have the same ideals and vision and are completely on the same page. This makes the cooperation very natural. It gives us so much satisfaction to be able to really make a difference in a child’s life. “
Marije Eits


Linda Kragtwijk


Linda: “In 2019, it became clear that taking in neglected and damaged boys and girls at our rescue center is not a solution to the problem. After all, prevention is better than cure. It was better to tackle the cause at the source. The most effective way appears to be to set up an Outreach program for children during their development. This way we make boys and girls more aware and resilient. With Rise Up Now, we want to contribute to the healthy, safe development of boys and girls and to the reduction of delinquency. The goals are clear. We are going to help tens of thousands of children go through carefree, healthy development, full of self-confidence and fun.”

Become the bright spot in a child's life!

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